San Francisco Nightfall: A Tale of Rising Fear and the Reality of Big City Crimes

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Once considered a beacon of the west coast, San Francisco now flirts dangerously with the shadows. With a rise in twilight tales, the Golden City’s veil of safety has significantly shrunk. While the odd San Franciscan may naively shrug off these fears, many others brace for the increasing spike in crime. In this cityscape, the rattle of shattered glass echoing from a burgled car or the sudden flash of a theft dash has become a daily symphony.

Invisible to the public eye, these incidents often go unreported; a symptom of a greater ailment plaguing the city. Residents are losing faith in the law enforcement, turning a blind eye towards such crimes instead of losing precious time on futile reports. San Francisco’s true crime rate, according to Charles Cully Stimpson of the Heritage Foundation, is vastly underestimated in the official records. Meanwhile, the city’s dwindling police force is stretched thin, their numbers hitting a decade low, despite attempts to boost their budget.

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