San Francisco Office Tower Snapped Up for a Mere $62 Million; Originally Worth $100 Million!

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In a surprising turn of events, the concrete jungles of Downtown San Francisco are seeing a shocking slump in commercial real estate prices. Soaring skyscrapers that once commanded sky-high prices are being traded for dimes on the dollar, if not less. So, if you’ve been keeping an eye on the 180 Howard Street building, you’d know that Ellis Partners and Bob House Group snagged this once coveted piece of prime estate for just $62 million, a bargain compared to its anticipated $85 million price tag. But wait, there’s more! This 13-story giant used to be worth over a hundred million. Now, isn’t that an interesting turn of the tables?

But let’s take a moment to examine why. You see, as comfortable as a work-from-home scenario might seem, it’s turning the city’s commercial spaces into ghost towns. To put things into perspective, our Howard Street edifice is neighbors with Tenderloin and the downtown core, areas which were once bustling with professionals. Now, with a drastic drop in footfall, it’s more like a ghost town and real estate prices are feeling the crunch. Not to mention the urban challenges of San Francisco – car theft, petty crime, and… well… let’s just call them sanitary issues. All of this combined with a decrease in office occupancy is causing commercial property prices to spiral downwards, faster than a toupee in a hurricane. As for when we’ll hit rock bottom, that remains the multi-million dollar question.

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