San Francisco to Build a Single Public Toilet That Will Cost $1.7 Million & Take Years to Install

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Local officials were set to gather on Wednesday in San Francisco’s Noe Valley Town Square to celebrate their latest win: a single public toilet that will cost as much as $1.7 million to build and won’t be completed until 2025.

But the celebration was canceled after a San Francisco Chronicle columnist highlighted the “mind-boggling” and “maddening” details of the project.

California Assemblyman Matt Haney told the newspaper that he now considers the price tag “inexplicable.”

“When Rec and Park first told us the number, it sounded shockingly high to me,” Haney told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“I’m glad that Noe Valley will at some point get a bathroom, but it shouldn’t cost this much, and it shouldn’t take this long, and I’m angry about it. … It’s not something I want to celebrate right now.”

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