San Francisco’s 7-Month Store: Coco Republic’s Short-lived Run

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In the latest episode of high-street store closures, Coco Republic’s San Francisco flagship store has become the record holder for the least time spent at a store location near the tenderloin district of San Fran, lasting just seven months. This Australian furniture retailer, which previously renovated the former Crate and Barrel store at Union Square, invested millions into the community before bowing out. The company cited the area’s lack of customer foot traffic, a phenomenon many attribute to public safety concerns and the prevalence of substance abuse and homelessness in the tenderloin district.

Coco Republic’s demise follows in the wake of many high-profile store closures in the city, including Whole Foods, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Anthropology. These retailers, among others, have attributed their decision to leave to similar reasons: unsafe conditions, a lack of public safety, and the undeniable impact of the tenderloin district’s infamous open-air drug market. This, coupled with the rising convenience and popularity of online shopping, has led to what some are calling a “retail apocalypse.”

Interestingly, the spokesperson for Coco Republic pointed to the perception of unsafe conditions as a significant factor in their decision to close. Whether or not the perception matches the reality, the fact remains that retail businesses are facing daunting challenges. As the saying goes, perception is often reality, and for stores like Coco Republic, the perceived threats to safety are enough to say goodbye to San Fran. As we continue to navigate these changing tides, one thing is clear: our cities must find a way to address these issues if they hope to keep businesses around.

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