San Francisco’s Doom Loop: The High Cost of Cheap Living

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In the midst of soaring housing costs and a global pandemic, the city of San Francisco finds itself caught in a potentially damaging cycle – the “Doom Loop.” As downtown high-rises empty out and businesses abandon the city core, a critical financial vacuum forms. City coffers run dry, public services suffer, and the urban exodus accelerates. Yet, there are those who are celebrating this downturn, seeing in it an opportunity for more affordable living. This, however, is a myopic view that disregards the intricate financial and social fabric that sustains a city.

These optimists argue that the Doom Loop could be a boon for the city. With rents dropping, they envision a more inclusive and affordable city emerging from the ashes. Yet, they seem to overlook that lower rent does not equate to a functioning city. To run a city, you need a tax base, a thriving business environment, and a citizenry that feels safe. With an open-air drug market, decriminalization of drugs, rising crime, and a plummeting tax base, the vision of an ideal San Francisco seems far-fetched.

The Doom Loop is also a reflection of a shift in societal values and behaviors. The world has embraced remote work, and people no longer feel compelled to live in cramped, costly downtown areas. The pandemic has accelerated this trend, with many tech companies, previously the lifeblood of San Francisco, now opting for more suburban locales. As a result, the city center, once bustling with energy, now faces an existential crisis. Even with the allure of cheaper rent, the question remains: what would be the incentive for people to return to a city that can’t afford its infrastructure, where crime is rampant, and the sense of community has dwindled?

Those cheering on the Doom Loop, eager for the prospect of cheap rent, should remember the old saying, “be careful what you wish for.” The downslide could lead to a city that’s unlivable, not just unaffordable. The consequences of the Doom Loop will not just affect those within the city limits, but could have ripple effects across the nation.

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