Seattle’s Big Oops Moment: How Many Texts Can You ACCIDENTALLY Delete?

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When a handful of text messages just mysteriously vanish, you might call it coincidence. But when several hundred thousand texts do the same across not one, not two, but seven high-ranking Seattle officials’ phones, that, my friends, is a conspiracy to behold. The King County prosecuting attorney’s office might call it a tech snafu. Fire Chief Harold Scoggins might blame a forgotten passcode and former Mayor Jenny Durkin? A misadventure with water. But coincidence? Oh, come on! Following events surrounding the Capitol Hill Occupy Protest (CHOP) in 2020, it was discovered that these texts – vital pieces of evidence in multiple lawsuits – just poofed away. Perhaps the big question is: Was it a comedy of errors or a cunning cover-up?

#VanishingTexts #SeattleConspiracy #CHOPcoverup


00:00 County Prosecutor’s take on deleted CHOP texts between Seattle officials
00:30 Deleted texts from events leading up to the Capitol Hill occupy protest (CHOP)
01:54 Record keeping and sanctions for the city of Seattle
02:33 Key Seattle officials and their deleted messages
03:01 Former Mayor Jenny Durkin’s reasons for phone purge
03:55 Odds of multiple officials’ text message deletions
04:38 Former Police Chief Carmen Best’s phone message deletion
05:49 Impact of the deleted messages from the CHOP period
08:36 Former Mayor Durkin’s phone setting changes and resets
11:12 Carmen Best’s testimony regarding her deleted messages

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