Seattle’s ‘Crazy Town’ Drug Policy: Council Chooses Decriminalization Over Safety

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In a contentious 5-4 decision, the Seattle City Council rejected a new law that would have allowed for drug possession to be prosecuted as a gross misdemeanor, providing another chapter in the city’s ongoing struggles with drug addiction and crime. The decision, which has triggered a wave of disappointment from critics, essentially keeps drugs decriminalized in the city despite the rapid spread of fentanyl addiction and associated deaths. “It’s crazy town,” one commentator described the city, noting how some Seattleites appear more interested in “reimagining” laws than enforcing them.

Interestingly, one of the four dissenting votes came from council member Sarah Nelson of Fremont Brewing. Nelson publicly voiced her frustration at the council’s refusal to align with the statewide drug law passed in May. “I was shocked,” she told Jason Rants on 770 AM KTTH, framing the decision as a failure to address the rampant drug problem plagically plaguing Seattle. Yet, for the majority on the city council, further deliberation and reimagining seemed more pressing than immediate action – a stance critics find perplexingly disconnected from the reality of Seattle’s streets.

Further confounding critics, council member Andrew Lewis, originally planning to vote for the measure, backed out citing the need for further committee discussion. This decision to delay direct action is seen by many as just another layer of bureaucracy inhibiting effective responses to the city’s drug and crime problems. Ultimately, with the city council choosing to keep drugs decriminalized for now, the question that remains is: will the citizens of Seattle make a different choice in the next election cycle?

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