Seattle’s Most Notorious Homeless Encampment at Ship Canal Bridge FINALLY Swept!

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At long last, the infamous illegal homeless encampment under Seattle’s Ship Canal Bridge is being cleared out. You’d think it was an episode of Hoarders, but no, it’s just another day in the Emerald City. After months of tireless complaints from concerned neighbors and parents, it seems the powers that be have finally decided to get their act together.

According to the King County Regional Homelessness Authority, all 14 long-term residents of the encampment have been graciously placed into housing. Hooray for bureaucracy! It only took a year of gun violence, fires, theft, and drug use next to an elementary school to prompt action. Clearly, the local government is really on top of things.

Now, the site is set to be secured and monitored by law enforcement, so we can all rest easy knowing that another encampment won’t sprout up overnight like a weed in a poorly-maintained garden. Or can we? Local parent Eli Hoshor seems to think otherwise, calling out the “dysfunctional web of organizations” that has failed to take adequate action until now.

As we celebrate this small victory, let’s not forget the uphill battle for accountability that still lies ahead. It took countless emails, public demonstrations, media coverage, and even catching the Governor’s attention to get the job done. Will this finally be the wake-up call Seattle needs, or are we doomed to repeat history?

So, grab your popcorn and enjoy the show as the saga continues to unfold. Will the once-infamous Ship Canal encampment rise from the ashes, or will Seattle finally step up and address its homelessness crisis? Only time will tell.

#SeattleHomelessness #ShipCanalEncampment

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