Seattle’s Tiny Home Mystery: 200 Homes Locked Up, Streets Filled with Tents!

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In a perplexing twist, Seattle has over 200 ready-to-use tiny homes languishing in a storage lot, while the streets of Ballard and SoDo are teeming with tents. Marcella Middleton, a homeless resident, poignantly expressed her frustration, camping just a block away from these locked-up homes. The King County Regional Homeless Authority, despite its grand title, has been criticized for its sluggish approach to deploying these homes. Seattle City Council member Andrew Lewis pointed out the glaring issue: the streets are filled with individuals struggling with addiction, and merely providing a roof won’t solve the core problem. The city’s strategy of building more tiny homes without addressing the root causes of homelessness seems like a dog chasing its tail.

#SeattleTinyHomes #HomelessCrisis #KingCountyInaction

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