SF’s Former Biggest Landlord Veritas, Now Defaulting to the Tune of $1 Billion

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San Francisco is currently witnessing a major shift in its real estate and retail landscape, epitomized by the downfall of Varius Investments, once the city’s largest landlord, now defaulting on $1 billion in debt. This financial turmoil is compounded by the closure of iconic stores like Macy’s downtown flagship and a Walgreens Financial District location, signaling deeper issues of safety, homelessness, and declining foot traffic. The city’s office vacancy rate has skyrocketed to over 35%, a stark contrast to the pre-pandemic era. Despite the grim scenario, some see a silver lining with potential AI industry growth. However, the challenges of remote work, public safety, and the city’s image persist, painting a complex picture of San Francisco’s urban economy and its attempt to navigate through these turbulent times.

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00:00 – Veritas defaulting billion
02:04 – San Francisco vacancy spike
04:06 – Retail closures increase
06:20 – AI companies interest
08:10 – Veritas offloading properties
10:11 – Tenant retrofit concerns
12:01 – Affordable housing challenge
14:15 – Seattle council action
16:06 – Varied neighborhoods affected
18:08 – Portfolio selling strategy
20:29 – San Francisco cleaning needed
22:35 – Affordable housing impractical
24:25 – Brookfield exits US market
26:04 – AI unlikely office savior
28:10 – AI technology potential
30:00 – Housing affordability issues

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