Shake Shack Founder Closes Two Manhattan Eateries Following Hotel’s Transition to Migrant Shelter

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In a turn of events that feels more like a sitcom plotline than reality, Danny Meyer, founder of Shake Shack, has decided to close two of his Manhattan restaurants. Why, you ask? The hotel housing these eateries is now a migrant shelter, reshaping the business ecosystem of the area. Initially expecting the hotel’s grand post-pandemic reopening, Meyer’s establishments at the Redbury hotel near Madison Square Park now face an indefinite delay. Despite the decision being backed by New York’s desperate bid to accommodate an ever-increasing influx of migrants, it’s clear that a once lucrative business agreement is no longer feasible. And while New Yorkers brave the elements, the businesses feel the heat too. You know it’s peak irony when New York’s mayor is starting to sound like a border-state Republican, lamenting over a “full inn” and millions pouring in. And, as businesses close left and right, one wonders – is this the Big Apple’s new normal?

#MigrantShelterImpact #NYCRestaurantClosure #ShakeShackShift

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