Shop Owner’s Disturbing Comparison: San Francisco Vs Afghanistan

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In a sobering perspective on urban life, a San Francisco shop owner from Afghanistan has called the crime situation in his new city “worse than Afghanistan.” The increase in brazen smash-and-grab thefts has small businesses caught in the crossfire. This new crime trend involves large groups simultaneously targeting businesses, resulting in the loss of significant merchandise.

San Francisco’s safety concerns have escalated to a point where people are apprehensive about shopping in certain areas for fear of robbery or car break-ins. The city’s decline has been particularly pronounced in the last couple of years. With law enforcement seemingly less active in certain areas, small businesses and potential customers find themselves under constant threat. This raises the question: what happened to the American dream of feeling safe and secure in one’s own city?

This story unfolds against the backdrop of major retailers exiting downtown San Francisco since 2020, citing dwindling sales and an increasing crime rate. The heart of the city is left to face its survival battles alone, while suburbia emerges as the new haven for businesses and consumers alike.

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