“Smear Campaign”: Human Feces on 90% of Knob Hill Sidewalks!

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Welcome to an exposé that’ll have you reaching for the disinfectant—San Francisco, known for its stunning vistas and tech affluence, has a little problem. And by “little,” we mean the astonishing fact that 90% of sidewalks in the posh Knob Hill neighborhood were graced by human feces in 2022. You heard that right; even the well-heeled can’t sidestep the issue. A city controller report revealed that nearly half of commercial sidewalks are similarly soiled. While city officials consider spending $5 million on reparations for eligible residents, they seem to have missed the, um, mess right under their noses. Apparently, their priorities are as skewed as their urban hygiene.

You won’t find this stuff covered in mainstream outlets. The elephant in the room—or should we say, the dung on the pavement—is that this is more than a cleanliness issue. It’s a monumental failure of civic management, prioritizing trendy social issues over basic community sanitation. Forget broken windows; it’s broken governance that should be sweeping the headlines. So, hold your nose and keep scrolling.

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00:00 – Introduction: The Sanitation Crisis in Knob Hill, San Francisco
01:18 – Where Are the Public Health Billboards in San Francisco?
03:39 – Broken Glass and Feces: Most Common Hazards in the City
05:12 – Addressing the Root Causes: Is Housing the Issue?
06:24 – Not a Third-World Problem: San Francisco’s Shocking Statistics
07:46 – City’s Cleaning Budget: How Effective is It?
09:08 – The Scourge of Fentanyl: Link to the Crisis
11:52 – Reparations and City Priorities: Where’s the Focus?
14:33 – Food for Thought: Comparing San Francisco to Philadelphia
16:10 – Final Thoughts: What’s Next for San Francisco?

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