Surviving in Crime-Ridden Portland: A Business’s Perspective

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Amidst the exasperating rise in crime, a Portland business owner of Nevis Pack and Ship is contemplating relocation. Michael Angelicchio, the business’s proprietor, has had to invest over $20,000 combating this surge in crime. The businessman’s constant war against vandalism has reached new heights, with culprits stealing tires, siphoning gas from U-Haul vehicles, and even attempting to break into the warehouse. As local businesses bear the brunt of these illicit activities, Angelicchio is one among many re-evaluating their future in Portland.

Given Portland’s track record, the situation appears to be a consequence of diminishing public safety measures and an encroaching culture of addiction. The city’s continual tolerance towards crime, especially shoplifting, has started eating into the bottom line of local enterprises. As Angelicchio’s case demonstrates, these transgressions are not just an assault on business owners but an assault on the community as a whole. This unfortunate predicament forces the city’s hard-working citizens to reconsider their ties to the community.

Portland, it seems, is caught in a vicious cycle of addiction, crime, and a lack of support for those who need it. With Oregon among the states offering the least aid to addicts, the hope for change remains a distant dream for many. The community is yearning for a fundamental shift in policies, for the sake of their beloved city. As Angelicchio remarks, “I was born and raised in Portland. I still have a love for this city. But something has to change.”

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