The Cartel’s Border: Unveiling the Migrant Path into Eagle Pass from Piedras Negras, Mexico

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Eagle Pass, Texas, presents a striking contrast at the US-Mexico border. The recent video by a YouTuber reveals the stark differences along the Rio Grande in Piedras Negras, Mexico. With over 302,000 crossings in December 2023, the area is a hotspot for illegal migration. The Texas government, under Governor Greg Abbott, has intensified border security. Razor wire adorns boxcars, creating formidable barriers, while state troopers handle arrests, stepping in where federal authorities are limited. The chilling water of the Rio Grande poses a significant risk, with cases of hypothermia and drownings reported. The YouTuber’s walk along the banks highlights the juxtaposition of normalcy and crisis – locals enjoy parks and golf courses, unaware or indifferent to the struggles mere yards away. The video underscores the complexities at the border, where policy, human tragedy, and everyday life collide.

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