The Devastating Impact of Detroitification on Democrat Run Cities

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Once a thriving heart of America’s automobile industry, Detroit lies in a state of disrepair, a stark illustration of policy failure. Coined as ‘detroitification’, this phenomenon encapsulates the crumbling effect of political, economic, and social decisions on once flourishing metropolises. The term was created to describe Detroit, but the infection appears to be spreading across the country’s Democrat-run cities.

Detroit’s downturn wasn’t just an economic casualty. It was also the victim of shortsighted fiscal and social policies. The city’s once bustling neighborhoods now present a stark juxtaposition: vacant lots of overgrown grasslands and new stadiums surrounded by abandoned skyscrapers. A lackadaisical attitude towards crime, the erosion of public education, and indifference to economic realities have played a pivotal role in its decline.

The blueprint for Detroit’s destruction seems to be eerily repeated in other Democrat-run cities such as Seattle, Portland, and California. These places seem to be following a similar trajectory, turning a blind eye to crime, disregarding economic principles, and watching their education systems crumble. The narrative seems all too familiar, and one can’t help but wonder, are these cities undergoing ‘detroitification’?

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