The Oregon Education System: Where Reading, Writing, and Math are OPTIONAL!

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In a stunning decision, the State Board of Education in Oregon has extended the pause on requiring high school students to prove basic mastery in reading, writing, or math for graduation until at least 2029. The board argues that standardized tests or in-depth assignments as graduation requirements harm historically marginalized students. The rationale might seem woke to some, but let’s be real here; it’s not doing any favors to students when they can’t meet the most basic workplace demands after graduating. Employers aren’t going to be thrilled to hire someone who can’t write a coherent email or calculate basic expenses.

Concerns are rife among citizens, including a former Republican gubernatorial candidate, that this policy devalues an Oregon high school diploma. While some schools in Oregon might be patting themselves on the back for being “progressive,” others look at this situation as reverse discrimination and a detriment to the learning environment. If you think students getting into college or finding a job post-graduation is tough now, just wait. Without these essential skills, the real world will be a harsh wake-up call, not just for the students, but for a society that let these standards slip in the name of wokeness.

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00:00 – Introduction: Oregon’s New Graduation Requirements
01:09 – The Rationale: Impact on Students of Color
04:18 – Community Reactions: Diverse Educational Environments
07:20 – The Official Take: Oregon Department of Education’s View
09:07 – Senior Year Academic Requirements: Classes vs Electives
10:13 – School’s Role: The Importance of Basic Skills
13:59 – Real-World Implications: What Employers Notice
15:23 – Generational Differences: Changing Attitudes Towards Education
17:14 – The Value of Core Skills: Reading, Writing, and Math
20:11 – Global Competition: U.S. Academics Falling Behind?

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