Tiffany Henyard’s Dark History as a Slumlord Exposed: Mold, Termites, and Sewage

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NBC Chicago reported in 2019 about Tiffany Henyard, then a Dalton Village trustee, and her neglectful management of a rental property. Despite repeated tenant complaints about severe mold, water leaks, and structural issues, Henyard allegedly used her political influence to evade proper inspections and necessary repairs. This situation culminated in multiple failures of occupancy inspections, revealing systemic corruption and negligence. Henyard’s conduct, marked by ignoring her duties and benefitting financially from rent while defaulting on mortgage payments, foreshadowed her controversial tenure as mayor. This case highlights the dangers of electing officials with questionable histories, emphasizing the need for vigilant scrutiny of public servants.

#PoliticalCorruption #HousingNeglect #DaltonScandal

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00:00 – Awful landlord history
02:00 – Mold, unlivable house
04:00 – Inspector corruption alleged
06:00 – Foreclosure, unpaid mortgage
08:00 – Influential trustee misconduct
10:00 – Children health risk
12:00 – Resident activism backlash
14:00 – Section 8 exploitation
16:00 – Lawyer deflection strategy
18:00 – Complete house remediation
20:00 – Financial mismanagement repercussions
22:00 – Frequent passing inspections
24:00 – Total house renovation
26:00 – Hidden foreclosure records
28:00 – Financial strain implications
30:00 – Activist, new mayor
32:00 – Similarity Harvey-Dalton issues
34:00 – Business license controversy
36:00 – Police intimidation protests
38:00 – Financial instability effects
40:00 – Institutional corruption allegation

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