Turning Ghost Office Buildings into Homes: Genius or Desperation?

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In the wake of remote work, city centers across the U.S. have found themselves staring at vacant office spaces, some reaching alarmingly high rates like 32% in San Francisco. These ghost-like skyscrapers stand as both a testament to changing work patterns and a possible solution to the ever-escalating housing crisis. U.S. city leadership is weighing the merits of converting these empty office complexes into affordable residential units. Yet, as tempting as it sounds, the challenges are plenty – from design feasibility to the soaring costs of retrofitting. Notably, older “vintage” buildings, primarily those under 30,000 square feet, are cited as more suitable for conversion. As the U.S. housing crisis rages on, with affordability becoming elusive, the question remains: Is it truly viable to remodel our downtowns this way, or are we just patching a deeper issue?

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