Under siege from homeless and crime, San Francisco businesses want their tax dollars back

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San Francisco’s La Cocina Marketplace, the city’s first women-led food hall, spends $300,000 a year on private security to protect the women owners, operators, and employees who work in the old post office’s food stalls.

But even that investment isn’t enough. By 3 p.m., needles, trash, and drug users are back. Employees have been assaulted, and customers don’t come after lunch.


“There is a real and palpable fear that the neighborhood is now on the verge of collapse,” a petition written by the Tenderloin Business Coalition says. Food stall owners from La Cocina are just some of the business owners who have signed the petition, which, among other things, calls for the city of San Francisco to refund all of their taxes for 2022.

“The city has abandoned its commitment to provide a baseline of safety in the neighborhood, thus significant effort and investments made by the business owners and property owners to keep their blocks safe and clean have come to nothing,” the petition continues. “As such, the business owners and property owners are requesting a full and complete refund of all sales tax and property taxes paid to the City of San Francisco in the fiscal year 2022.”

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