Venezuelan Gang Tren de Aragua Infiltrates Immigrant Camp Near Seattle – Safety Threats Emerge

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Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua is suspected of infiltrating an illegal immigrant camp at Riverton Park United Methodist Church near Seattle. This gang, notorious for violent crimes and human smuggling, poses a significant threat to community safety. An internal memo from Puget Sound Fire officials revealed firefighters must wear ballistic vests and be escorted by police due to increased gang activity. Local residents and first responders are alarmed by the lack of transparency from authorities and church officials. This incident highlights the dangers of unchecked illegal immigration and the need for stricter border control to prevent criminal elements from entering the country and threatening public safety.

#BorderSecurity #GangViolence #CommunitySafety


00:00 – Venezuelan gang infiltrates
02:22 – Church gang threat
04:14 – Firefighters wear vests
06:01 – Increased gang activity
08:20 – Known criminal operations
10:09 – Testosterone supplement promotion
12:26 – High danger area
14:17 – Gang recruits migrants
16:03 – Open border consequences
17:45 – Local protection necessity

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