Washington State’s Carbon Tax: Fueling the Corporate Exodus

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Steeped in an acrid cloud of carbon emissions, Washington State finds itself at the peak of an exodus unlike any other in the country. Once the darling destination for corporations, the ‘Evergreen State’ seems to be losing its charm, much like the fuel from the gas-guzzling vehicles we can’t seem to give up. Corporate headquarters are hightailing it out of the state faster than you can say “high gas prices”. So, what’s the catalyst behind this mass migration? It’s a soup of factors, with the heftiest contributor being the heavy taxes, earmarked for extensive social programs that have been implemented.

Evidently, the once business-friendly state appears to be overshadowed by the looming threat of a state income tax. Coupled with an increase in homeless population and the not-so-friendly welcome for businesses, many corporations have changed their address to sunnier pastures, namely Florida, Texas, and Arizona. This year, a staggering 83% more companies found greener pastures elsewhere, leaving Washington with an aftertaste of the carbon tax that’s been driving the fuel prices up. It’s interesting to see that the Evergreen State’s efforts to ‘go green’ is turning its economic landscape to a barren one, as businesses pack up their dreams and head for the freeway. The question now is not why businesses are leaving, but rather, how long before the balance tips completely in favor of other states?

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