WATCH: Mayors FINALLY Realize the Chaos of Their Sanctuary City Policies!

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When it comes to political theatre, the mayors of New York City and Chicago have stolen the limelight by essentially saying, “Come one, come all,” to their so-called sanctuary cities. Fast-forward a few months, and now they’re scrambling to address the influx of migrants. Eric Adams of New York City and Brandon Johnson of Chicago have been jetting off to Mexico to deal with the border crisis they once downplayed. Hilariously, these two mayors sang a different tune when thousands of migrants started flooding their cities, suddenly realizing the limitations of their resources and the inability to manage the crisis at hand. It’s as if these progressive leaders got a crash course in Governance 101. Both mayors once welcomed migrants with open arms but are now grappling with the ripple effects of their own actions.

With numbers of migrants reaching in the tens of thousands, both cities are realizing they’re not prepared to handle this level of humanitarian aid, despite their previously rosy outlook. Even better, Brandon Johnson is planning a trip to the U.S.-Mexico borderβ€”where he’ll supposedly “assess the situation.” It makes one wonder, what’s he expecting to find that the rest of us haven’t known for years? Cities like Chicago and New York, already struggling with their own internal issues, seem to have finally acknowledged that their utopian vision of a sanctuary city is unsustainable. They are now hitting the pause button, attempting to be choosy after the fact. What did they think would happen? Your guess is as good as mine.

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00:00 Introduction: Discussing Mayors’ Plan to Visit Mexico
01:08 Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Trip Details
04:34 Questioning Immigration Management Policies
05:16 Failing City Coordination and Growing Crisis
07:34 Impact on Lower Socioeconomic Groups
09:00 Texas and the Lone Star State Debate
11:18 Policy Changes and State of Emergency in NYC
13:21 Hotel Intake Centers and Costs
15:05 Changing Stance on Asylum Seekers
17:52 Ongoing Influx and Election Year Predictions

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