Will Portland’s Daytime Camping Ban Address its Homeless Crisis?

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With a daring sweep of the gavel, the Portland City Council imposed a new ordinance that bans daytime camping in public areas from 8 AM to 8 PM. Is this a sincere attempt to reclaim public spaces or a half-hearted way to appease the concerns of Portlanders about the increasing issue of homelessness, particularly in regards to crime and drug use? The legislation feels akin to a band-aid placed over a broken bone. To envision a day where drug-addled denizens willingly pack their tents at the break of dawn seems absurdly optimistic, especially when it comes to the question of enforcing the ban. The fine is laughably small at $100 and incarceration for 30 days is, in practice, highly improbable.

The ban has unsurprisingly ruffled some feathers among local advocacy groups. The executive director of the women’s day shelter Rose Haven was vocal about her criticism, arguing that the ban merely forces homeless individuals into an exhausting cycle of moving their belongings throughout the day. One might counter with the fact that this presumed inconvenience seems minor compared to the public nuisance and health hazards posed by unchecked encampments. The concern over the environment, public health, and safety outweighs the inconveniences faced by campers, one might argue, but the saga of Portland’s homelessness issue is clearly far from over.

The Portland Police Bureau will oversee the enforcement of this ordinance, which for anyone familiar with the current state of law enforcement in Portland, appears more like a punchline than a concrete plan. With already overburdened officers dealing with an escalating number of shootings, drug overdoses, and other serious crimes, one might wonder if enforcing camping violations will top their priority list. It is just one more layer of absurdity in the city’s attempt to tackle the beast of homelessness, drug abuse, and crime that has become a defining feature of the city’s landscape.

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