Woman’s Strangled Body Uncovered in Seattle’s Notorious Homeless Camp!

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In today’s world, the Emerald City doesn’t seem so enchanting anymore. The tragic demise of 66-year-old Annette Barnes, whose lifeless body was found at a Seattle homeless encampment, is just another sign of the times. It’s almost as if we’re living in an alternate reality where the story of the Wizard of Oz took a grim turn, and our dear Annette didn’t make it back to Kansas. But hey, who needs a yellow brick road when you have Mercer Street in South Lake Union, right?

Let’s not forget the diligent medical examiner who unraveled the sinister cause of her death – asphyxia by manual strangulation and suffocation. Guess it’s safe to say, the Wicked Witch of the West has some competition these days. And that drone video by KOMO News? What a lovely bird’s-eye view of the very same encampment our fellow Republicans have been fighting to clear.

And would you look at that, a South Lake Union resident is considering moving out due to the city and state’s lack of action. Can you blame her? “I want to feel safe again,” she said. Oh, the irony! The city that once gifted us Starbucks now serves up a hot, steaming cup of danger and despair. Bravo, Democrats, bravo!

Remember those eight fires reported since last summer? Seems like the Mercer Street encampment has a flare for drama (pun intended). But wait, there’s more! A resident of the encampment was charged with rape in 2022, only for the case to be dismissed due to ‘evidentiary issues.’ Now, isn’t that the cherry on top of this delightful tale?

So, grab some popcorn, folks, because the show is far from over. Who needs Netflix when you’ve got the gripping saga of Seattle’s mismanaged homeless crisis?

#SeattleShambles #HomelessHorrorShow

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