WTF Portland: A City in Chaos and the Failure of Liberal Utopia

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“WTF Portland,” a Twitter and Instagram account, offers a disturbing look at the daily life in Portland, where homelessness, drug addiction, and crime are rampant. The once-idyllic city has transformed into a dystopian nightmare, with citizens sleeping on sidewalks and in parking lots, and businesses closing their doors due to crime and safety concerns. While some may argue that this is the result of the liberal policies enacted by the city’s leaders, others see it as a clear indication that the “utopia” promised by these policies has utterly failed.

REI, the outdoor enthusiast’s go-to store, has announced the closure of its last remaining Portland location, citing crime and safety concerns as the primary reason. This serves as a stark reminder that businesses are struggling to survive in the city’s current climate. The situation has led to an exodus of taxpayers, further exacerbating the city’s financial woes and making it difficult for the city to address the underlying issues causing this decline.

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